Zbigniew Szydłowski

e-mail: zbigniew.szydlowski@businessadviser.eu


Business advisor

Restructurisation Advisor

Legal Advisor




Business advisor

(more than 15 years’ professional experience)

Since 2003 I have run my own business in the following areas:

•  Running a business and management

•  Rental and management of personally-owned and leased real estate

•  Real estate brokerage

•  Other forms of monetary intermediation

•  Legal services

•  Restructuring advice

Entrepreneur, partner, shareholder in many companies and business entities, member of local government, management and supervisory bodies, advisor and consultant.
He specialises in bringing together business partners, creating companies, business entities, takeovers, mergers, intermediation in the area of buying/selling of real estate and personal property.

Owner of Business Adviser, runs his business on the basis of clear, simple rules based on the agreement of both sides.

Offers services in English and German.

Interests: sport, hunting, history, good books.

Zbigniew Szydłowski - Proxy of the Management Board
NetBid  Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Płowiecka 76, PL-04-501 Warszawa
Tel.: (+48) 22 636 02 70 , Fax: (+48) 22 636 02 71 ,GSM: (+48) 607 079 814 , www.netbid.com

The auction house NetBid Industrie-Auktionen AG and Angermann Machinery & Equipment GmbH & Co. KG, which sells machines and equipment in the form of online auctions or live or negotiated- sale contracts.

NetBid Industrie-Auktionen AG: Amtsgericht Hamburg HRB 72273; Vorstand: Clemens Fritzen, Timm Langenfeld; Aufsichtsrat: Dr. Torsten Angermann (Vorsitz),Angermann Machinery & Equipment GmbH & Co.KG:Amtsgericht Hamburg HRA 79045; PhG: ALN Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Geschäftsführer: Clemens Fritzen, Timm Langenfeld


Zbigniew Szydłowski - Proxy of the Management Board

Str. Hostages 15a , 98-200 Sieradz

Legal Advisor

(more than 20 years’ professional experience)

He received his masters degree in law in 1991 from the Law and Administration Department of Łódź University. He finished his legal advisor apprenticeship in 1997 with a distinction. From the very beginning he actively participated in the work of local government bodies in the regional bar association in Łódź. He was a member of the governing council of the regional bar association in Łódź, whilst at the same time being a member of the board of inspectors. He was also a member of the auditing committee.

For his work in local government he has received prizes, commendations and awards, including a gold award for his services to the local bar association.

Even before gaining the title legal advisor he worked professionally for the local government appeal courts in Sieradz, The Sieradz Housing Association, Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej S.A. and Kredyt Bank S.A.

He started work professionally as a legal advisor in private practice in a single-person legal advisory firm. Then in 2005 he started a partnership with his wife (also a legal advisor) and in this form Kancelarii Radców Prawnych Joanna i Zbigniew Szydłowscy s.c. offers legal assistance to business entities and natural persons.

From 1990 to 1992 he studied in London at the London Study Centre.

He specialises in trade and business law in the broadest sense, more specifically in corporate law, banking law, cooperative law, reorganisation and bankruptcy law, restructurisation proceedings, tax law, debt recovery as well as civil law and labour law. He possesses considerable experience in mediation and negotiation.

Restructurisation Advisor

receiver, court supervisor, liquidator

(more than 26 years’ professional experience)

Professionally he has conducted reorganisation proceedings, arrangement proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation proceedings as well as restructurisation in the broadest sense with the appropriate powers of a court supervisor, liquidator, receiver and restructurisation. So far he has conducted several dozen arrangement proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings. He possesses wide and varied experience in this area.

I would not have achieved success without the help of my family, my parents, my wife and my three children.