Zbigniew Szydłowski, with his abundant professional experience, has decided to make use of his dozens of years of work, acquired knowledge, position, authority and numerous contacts to help others. Achievement of success is a fabric of interwoven conditions: sound professional training based on firm foundations, hard work, perseverance, but also a little luck. Each piece of success has to be worked for. Sport helped him to achieve success, in other words respect for his opponent, patience, humility, but also fighting to the end. He has decided to make use of all of this to offer advice and experience in bringing business partners together.

Business activity is on the one hand searching for interesting people who have capital but do not know how to put it to good use, on the other finding those who have great ideas but do not know how to realise them or quite simply do not have the financial resources to bring them to fruition.

My company can help in the realisation of interesting business ventures.

We also deal with the verification of documents and perform legal and financial due diligence.