Zbigniew Szydłowski  - licensed restructurisation advisor, receiver, court supervisor, liquidator.

A specialist and practitioner with abundant experience in the field of restructurisation law, bankruptcy and reorganisation law, corporate law.


Liquidation bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy

  The procedure allowing the viable resolution of problems of an excessively indebted person not running their own business

  The description of the premises for the declaration of personal bankruptcy

  The formal requirements for the application for the declaration of bankruptcy

  Opportunities for personal debt relief and their use in practice

  Equitable and humanitarian grounds as a form of lifebelt for a debtor

  The premises for the redemption of liabilities without the arrangement of a plan for repayments

  The liabilities not eligible for redemption in the process of personal bankruptcy

  Application for the arrangement of a plan for repayments (how effectively to justify the applied-for sum in a plan for repayments)

  Advice, consulting, client representation